Healthcare ReformThere have been many changes in our health care system that may affect you and your business. We can help you stay afloat and manage the potential impact of healthcare reform.

Since the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — commonly referred to as “health care reform” — since March 2010, the government has been issuing a flood of memoranda and regulations regarding the complex law’s implementation. Because many people currently receive their health insurance through their jobs, the law will have a significant impact on employers.

Although the bulk of the reform law will go into effect in 2014, the potentially biggest impact on employer-sponsored health coverage is the excise tax on high-cost plans going into effect in 2018. Employers must take action to avoid the tax, which may include changes in the type of health benefit they provide and how they provide it.

The Kaiser Family Foundation reported in its March Health Trends Tracking Poll that 68 percent of Americans said they don’t have enough information about health care reform to know how it affects them personally. April’s poll reported four in 10 Americans are unaware the Affordable Care Act is actively being implemented.

While it is true that employers will want to carefully consider how to present information about options, employers should also be prepared for the fact that questions will be coming. The 68 percent of Americans who don’t understand health care reform will turn to the source they know: you, the employer, who gives them insurance already.

Are you prepared for this wave of changes and the questions coming your way?

With group health and welfare strategies from PremierSource, you’ll be able to manage the potential impact of insurance reform, and assess the impact these changes will have on your company’s health plan enrollment and cost.

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