Group Retirement

Our Approach

As with all programs offered through PremierSource, our retirement programs focus on the specific priorities of the individual group as a whole, based on input from the employer.

Our investment advisors begin with a thorough “needs analysis” – gathering information on the existing retirement plan(s) and situation. We ask about your top priorities, including such elements as technology, pricing, service, performance and other elements deemed important by the client. We then assess the current provider(s) and platform to identify whether the needed resources exist within the current providers before we go out to the marketplace to seek solutions to meet the optimum needs and priorities of the client. Our job is to maximize the resources of the record keepers and investment platforms and deliver tailored solutions based on the specific client priorities. So often we find that the needed resources exist within an employer’s current investment platform or record keeper, but that there have been gaps in knowing how to access the right resources within those providers to maximize the opportunities for the group as its needs change over time.

We have leveraged relationships with some of the best among the retirement plan service providers nationally to provide the most efficient pricing and flexibility. Our advisors are experienced at knowing all the pricing models available with any given provider and knowing when to identify opportunities for further negotiation or alternative investment classes within existing provider structures. We perform a preliminary fee assessment on the front-end to identify the current plan revenue structure and any cost saving opportunities that may exist. We benchmark your current fees and plan complexities against your peers to identify the overall cost comparisons, as well as the segmented costs of each plan component such as record keeping fees, advisory fees, trustee fees, etc.

Our advisors further perform an analysis of the feasibility of the fees – even when the overall fees are in alignment with the industry. For example, occasionally we will find that an employer is paying fees in alignment with the overall industry for an actively managed plan, but only receiving access to a passively managed portfolio. When this occurs, our teams are able to negotiate the plan-level fees to align them with a more passively managed fund line up. These are nuances of the business that most brokers and advisors overlook. Our goal is always the same: to ensure that you and your plan participants received the greatest benefit for the fees you are paying.

Our Experience

PremierSource has had top-volume production and strong market performance for more than a decade. Our business model includes access to the added experience of 37 employment, labor and employee benefit attorneys – with approximately 10 ERISA specialists focusing specifically on the complexities of group retirement plans. These attorneys provide employee benefit audits to determine where employers can maximize their benefits through plan customization and design. Our ERISA attorneys are among the few who are making case study history. These professionals are the innovative elite who are appointed to boards with the IRS and Department of Labor (DOL) and have challenged the IRS and DOL to set the standards of compliance for other professionals in the industry.

Depending on the options selected by our clients, this ongoing assistance may be provided seamlessly as part of an efficiently packaged solution.

Industry-Leading Resources

PremierSource’s retirement services division includes the integrated resources of investment advisors, ERISA attorneys, actuaries and compliance project managers. The assigned teams are customized and based exclusively around the specific needs, priorities and budgetary requirements of the client. PremierSource attorneys and project management teams provide the ongoing relationship management and integration of regulatory audits and compliance oversight for our clients through our proactive web-based compliance management system and weekly Friday Updates that keep you appraised of updates and status reports.

Annual Retirement Plan Audit Project Management

Our teams further provide proactive project management support for your annual audit requirements by providing the following services:

  • Proactive outreach to your audit team to request an advance copy of their annual audit package
  • Our team then leads the effort to gather the needed items on the audit list and upload all documents to our web-based document warehousing system
  • For our clients, we have provided quarterly reviews and our team takes the minutes from committee meetings so these minutes are readily available for your annual audit
  • We assign a login to the auditor to give them direct access to our system and can track the audit progress through the system
  • We then offer weekly Friday Updates to your team to let you know the status of the audit and to alert you to any items needed on your part

Sample Plans

Our team offers qualified plans such as traditional 401(k), profit sharing, ESOP and money purchase plans as well as non-qualified plans such as deferred compensation and other supplemental executive retirement plans.

For more information, please contact a PremierSource representative at:

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