Disease Management System

In addition to capturing the claims data, our PremierSource Advantage system further includes the ability to capture case management and disease management case notes and detail. This allows our team to provide the highest level of oversight as to engagement strategy.  So often, employers pay a third party a “per employee per month” fee for case management and disease management whereby the participants never engage. Monitoring the performance of disease and case managers allows our team to stop the process and make adjustments before lack of engagement is prolonged. This proprietary process allows us to identify leading indicators as to a population’s engagement and develop custom strategies for increased engagement.

PremierSource Advantage is able to track real-time compliance with case management and disease management programs for our client plans that use incentive or disincentive strategies for engagement and compliance with case management and disease management.

Our system can either be opened up to the clinicians to access our interface, or we can feed the data electronically to a provider’s existing electronic medical records system.

Disease Management Clinic Contracting

PremierSource further offers solutions for employers looking for more advanced disease management solutions. We offer resources for single employer onsite clinics or multiple employer shared clinics as well as contracts with existing open clinics, custom suited to the specific needs of the employer group. Whatever the model, we can make our PremierSource Advantage care management system and/or data available to the clinicians and/or providers servicing your plan participants to ensure the highest level of collaboration and proactive disease management outreach.

When PremierSource performs the risk stratification and “pushes” the data to clinicians at our contracted disease management clinics, we can monitor the proactive outreach activities and number of high risk visits to track your ROI. We have found that proactive, targeted outreach at the clinic level combined with incentives and/or disincentives at the patient level drive the highest ROI.