Coming May, 2016!

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Why should you spend money unnecessarily? Wouldn’t it be nice to only pay for what you get?

Make choices that can reward you!

Bundled Transparent Pricing

By partnering with high quality providers who offer bundled transparent pricing, PremierSource can help your company save a significant amount of money for your health plan.

Not only will you be saving your plan money, you will also be offering your employees an opportunity to make choices that can reward them also.

Let us show you how to save $$

By using the Evolution Elite community of providers for certain procedures and surgeries, your employees can save money on their deductible and out of pocket expenses while saving your healthcare plan money at the same time.

How can they do this?

Many people who use this service have asked “how can they do this?” Well, it’s as easy as finding healthcare providers who provide “fair” pricing for their services and give that price upfront. Different options of the program yield different net savings. We will guide you through the options that best suit your needs.

From cardiac surgeries to MRI’s to prescriptions, PremierSource has a wide array of providers who offer bundled transparent pricing ready to save your company and your employees money.

How do you find out more?

Just make a call and request more information from one of our PremierSource Representatives and allow us the opportunity to save you money.