PremierSource Advantage

Exclusive Innovative Strategies & Resources for Self-Funded Plans

PremierSource is fully vested in the future of healthcare. We have invested enormous resources into the continued research and development of programs and strategies designed to keep employers out front of health reform, out front of healthcare industry changes, and well positioned to bend the long-term cost curve.

In the early development of our business model, we recognized that plan design strategy and market shopping were merely band-aid strategies that never treated the underlying cause of what was driving overall claims inflation. While front end negotiations and plan design strategy are important, they are not nearly enough on their own to impact the trajectory of the trendline or longer term claims costs. We knew that to have any kind of meaningful long-term financial impact, we would have to dive much, much deeper to treat the root cause versus the symptoms of the cause. It was this knowing that prompted our research and development efforts that ultimately led us to the development of our PremierSource Advantage program for self-funded employers.

A few of our more recent innovative strategies and solutions that are offered as part of our PremierSource Advantage program for self-funded employers can be found using the links below:

Care Management System
Proactive Risk Stratification
Proactive Monitoring and Management of Waste, Fraud & Abuse
Value-Based Incentive Programs
Exclusive Direct Provider Contracting
Disease Management System and Clinic Contracting


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