Employee Benefits

At PremierSource, we understand that employee benefits are not only an enormous component to the recruitment and retention of top quality employees, but they are also one of the largest investments or expenses that an employer can make. Our goal is to create employee benefit packages that an employer can consider an investment versus an expense.

Our approach is always very refined – to target those benefits that will yield the highest return on investment (ROI) for both the employer and its employees. We not only say this, but we also set up our processes to measure and monitor the ROI on the programs we put in place. At the end of each year, we provide a report that benchmarks our fees (the investment you made in us) against others in the industry using third party reports, to ensure that we are staying in line with the marketplace. We then calculate the ROI of the various programs and provide a measurable ROI report to the employer. We are further willing to put a percent of our fee at risk for client satisfaction, or if by the end of the year we have not more than paid for ourselves in ROI. This approach holds every one of our team members accountable for delivering quality and for focusing on those projects that will yield the greatest benefit to the employer.

As with everything we do, we take a well-rounded approach to reducing risk, saving costs, and adding value that produces a potentially greater ROI. Our methodical approach to researching and understanding your specific needs as an employer on the front end allows us to then set about developing customized solutions to suit your specific needs.