Renewal ProcessAre you tired of waiting to the last minute to find out? Do you find yourself too crunched for time to seek alternative options or make an informed decision upon finally receiving your renewal? Don’t let the process hold you hostage!

PremierSource offers the expertise of internal staff actuaries and underwriters. Our teams do more than just bid out insurance to market underwriters. We do the homework for the underwriters before ever going to market. When you have the expertise of the PremierSource team on your side, you know what your renewal should be before ever going to market!*

Our internal underwriting process gives employers more time to evaluate options and make informed decisions leading up to renewal. It further helps position employers for stronger negotiations. Because our actuaries and underwriters have already performed the underwriting, we know exactly where the market underwriters are sandbagging and using the underwriting industry strategies, can negotiate with them directly in those specific areas. Our teams don’t simply wait for bids to come from the market to see what the lowest bid will be. Our teams know all too well that sometimes the lowest bid on the spreadsheet could often be lower when you know the underwriting process and you know your market.

We are committed to empowering our clients with the knowledge of how to underwrite their own plans so they are never again held hostage at renewal!