Our Mission

It is our mission to be the highest and best stewards of the opportunities, relationships and resources entrusted to us by our clients, board and shareholders by continually and carefully identifying the ongoing needs of employers and proactively delivering carefully calculated solutions through unwavering dedication to our core values

In exercising “Highest and Best Stewardship,” we exercise a commitment to the following core values:

Accountability Holding ourselves and every member of our collective team accountable for delivering on promises, commitments and core values. Taking ownership of our actions and leadership over our assigned responsibilities.
Efficiency Making wise choices about how we dedicate our time and allocate our resources to help maximize efficiencies for our clients — a focus on continued process improvement.
Excellence Caring deeply and personally about delivering the highest and best quality work output for each charge we are given with a strong attention to ownership, accuracy and timeliness of delivery.
Humility A willingness to acknowledge that none of us have arrived. A willingness to listen fully and readily admit when we are wrong or when we have made a mistake. A willingness to learn from past mistakes and to learn from everyone around us.
Proactivity Making every effort to stay a step ahead of the employers’ needs and the needs of those around us. Making every effort to think of and address the questions before they are asked.
Productivity Putting forth our best efforts to be productive and to meet or exceed deadlines with thoroughness, quality and accuracy.
Professionalism Maintaining appropriate behavior and professional presence with the public, shareholders, clients and vendors.  Never involving the employer in internal politics.  Responding carefully and professionally to the internal politics of the employer.
Responsiveness Having a strong sense of urgency and heightened sense of care about the needs of our clients and others around us.
Servantship A strong willingness to roll up our sleeves for our clients and one another and do whatever is needed to help solve a problem or a need for a cause bigger than ourselves. A daily attitude toward proactively identifying the needs and wishes of clients.  Being willing with a helpful attitude to go the extra mile to serve others.
Teamwork Exercising a commitment to the team — a willingness and commitment to set personal “pride aside” in every situation. Having the humility to acknowledge and encourage others over personal promotion.
Strong Work Ethic Willingness to go the extra mile to meet assigned goals and deadlines, pull our weight for the team and do whatever is needed for the good of the client and those around us.
Grateful Attitude Being grateful for the opportunities our clients afford us – even in the midst of the demanding environment in which we are called. Being grateful for the opportunities we have been granted by our employer and shareholders and grateful for one another.

Our objective is to create top-quality strategic partnerships with our clients that have long-term staying power.  We are not inwardly focused on annual sales volume; but outwardly focused on maximizing the value and ROI for the employers we serve by selectively securing top-quality client partnerships with the employers we represent.  Our business model is not a fit for every employer, nor is every employer a fit for our business model.

This quality-focused approach greatly distinguishes us from the pack of sales-focused, “take all” brokerage and consulting firms in the marketplace that have a tendency to dilute resources by focusing on annual sales volume that has a tendency to turn over frequently.  Our focus is on establishing quality and long-term ROI through selectivity and proper alignment with those best-fit employers who stand to gain the most from the unique structure and resources offered through our business model.