Our Approach

Our approach always begins with an opportunities assessment whereby we gather information and listen intently to the expressed needs and wishes of the employer. We meet each employer where they are and customize the teams of specialists and strategies exclusively around the specific needs and priorities of the client. We have no preconceived ideas or products to sell; rather, we are in the business of listening first – then creatively delivering customized solutions to help employers meet both the financial and non-financial goals and objectives of their programs.

Our difference is that multiple specialists from multiple disciplines are seated at the same table for our clients from day one as opposed to being “brought in” after an issue arises. Our collaboration among disciplines happens on the front-end to proactively identify issues and develop creative solutions – oftentimes before the client even knows they have an issue.

For example, our client onboarding process includes a proactive multi-discipline audit of documentation and processes to identify the current state of the programs. This allows us to uncover and address gaps in programs and processes on the front-end.

The below diagrams illustrate our collaborative, team-based model:

Our Service Specialties